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Consultancy Management

New Concept Development

Behind every passionate plate of food, is a passionate mind. A mind buzzing with ideas and questions behind the perfect dream restaurant, waiting to be launched. Did we just describe you and your countless nights of wishful thinking? Well then we can’t wait to meet you and make your dream come true!

Restaurant Library helps with you with all the big questions on

Where, Who, What, How and When.

Once the basics are in place, we get straight into analyzing the current market trends and formulate the right business model for you. A couple of coffees and brainstorming sessions later, you will be ready to launch your fully cooked idea, now a brand new spanking reality, out into the world!

Restaurant Library
Restaurant Library

Branding & Re-branding Development

A brand needs to tell a story, your story.

Restaurant Library gives you the platform to create a visual language that communicates your story. We help you conceptualize the vision of your restaurant into a sophisticated and attractive design that speaks directly to your customers.

And well know the importance of first impressions. So from naming and logo design to a complete image make over, we’ll provide you an entire branding kit that will keep you your visual communication with a lasting and effective impact.

Restaurant Library

Menu Engineering & Recipe Development

At the heart of every great restaurant, is a novelty menu. And a novelty menu is a lot more than meets the eye, it’s a brewing pot of constantly evolving factors and ideas.

Assuring consistent quality of food to the right customers at the right price, bearing in mind sustainability, minimum wastage and flawless execution of the menu by your team of chefs, are just some of the things we will help you with.

Restaurant Library wants to help you keep your food costs low and shelf life high, with a delicious and profitable menu that will remain in the hearts of your customers for years to come.

Restaurant Library
Restaurant Library

Restaurant Interior Design

Ever pass by a restaurant or a bar that immediately draws you in?

And that’s what its about, serving your customers an experience like no other! So it’s no surprise that the interiors play a central role in creating a connection with your customers. The way you design your space should be an extension of your personality, the menu and most importantly, the brand.

e understand F&B design. Whether its designing a bakery, club or lounge, we know it all. Our team of experts will take you through the process of creating the perfect ambience for you and your customers.

Restaurant Library

Operations Management

Budgets, staffing, raw materials- got too much on your plate to worry about?

Restaurant Library can help.

We know what it takes for your business to run smoothly, productively and profitably. Our team of consultants will give you the break down on everything you need to know from crisis management to supply chain to being environmentally responsible.

We are your partners in F&B procurement! Whatever you need, we’ll help you source the best.

Restaurant Library
Restaurant Library

Financial Studies

Being a Restaurateur is risky business. It means learning to juggle all the hats you have to wear to run your business.

A proper financial analysis can help assess your decisions, reveal the strengths and weaknesses and can help improve the health of your business.

Our team of consultants will guide you with budgeting, matching industry benchmarks and comparing your financial statements over regular periods of time, along with a long term plan to keep you one step ahead of your competitors.

Restaurant Library

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